What is the relationship between secondary STEM education and technology policy in regions?

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Most people who study technology-based economic development spend their time thinking about industry, academia and government, and about the relationship between the three.  Those concerns are important.  But what about the hundreds of millions of secondary students, tens of millions of teachers, and hundreds of thousands of professional volunteers around the world who act locally in support of secondary STEM education?


STEM in the Technopolis is a book under development about secondary STEM education and regional technology policy.  In the book, we will:

  • Highlight cases where secondary STEM education is robustly and explicitly part of regions' technology development plans

  • Explore the quantitative impact of secondary STEM education on regional development

  • Show how trends in education philosophy, teaching methods, workforce needs, and the drive for digital equity have set the stage for secondary STEM as
    integral to policy

  • Share strategies and tactics for integrating the concerns of secondary STEM education into robust regional technology policy

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