Highlighted Cases

San Antonio, Texas, USA: Mayor's Cyber Cup

Each year in San Antonio, the Mayor’s Cyber Cup is awarded to the areas's best performing team in the CyberPatriot competition, a national program teaching cyber security and related STEM skills.  The Cyber Cup is part of a larger event that includes a job fair, a college fair for cyber security programs, and an awards ceremony.  The picture below demonstrates the participation of secondary education, higher education, government, industry, and community partners in developing the program.  The participation of the Mayor lends a high profile, and it reflects the city’s policy of supporting and developing the cyber security cluster.

CyberPatriot Mayor's Cyber Cup--All Play

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia: Medellín 2021

The Medellín 2021 Science and Technology Plan is a comprehensive plan for developing the city's knowledge-based economy.  The plan includes specific consideration of secondary STEM education policies for developing student's STEM skills, and related programs, like the STEAM-LABS program pictured below, have focused on training teachers, training administrators, and connecting schools with industry and community supporters.

STEAM-LABS Group Pic with Painting.png

Taipei, Taiwan: Industrial Revolution 4.0

In Taiwan, local high schools are connected to national technology development priorities contributing to the country's goals for Industrial Revolution 4.0.  Efforts include development of makerspaces, operation of summer camps, collaborations with science parks, and broad partnerships with universities, high tech industry, traditional and local/small businesses

Taiwan Students.jpg